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                                          gives a rich and elegant presence to the printed page. This process applies a thin plastic film of pigmented or metallic foil to paper using heat and pressure.



Thermography uses a heat process to create a raised imprint that has visual and tactile qualities.

                                is a method of transferring an image by cutting it into metal.  The ink-filled die is then pressed into premium paper stock creating a raised image on the front of the paper and an indentation on the back.

Offset Printing accounts for over 90% of printed material.  It is the highest quality printing process that produces rich prints using premium inks.

In addition to digital printing, ADSPEC offers fine printing processes including engraving, embossing, foil stamping, offset and thermography.

Your printing project can use one or a combination of processes.   Call or email us to discuss your next project.

We would be happy to coordinate our printing and design resources to create a unique look that reflects your company's image.  ADSPEC can produce everything from stationery, brochures and labels to presentation folders and holiday cards.

Foil Stamping 

                                 is a process that uses a die or plate that is deeply etched to create an imprint without the use of ink.  It is a method of impressing an image or text on the paper by indenting & pushing the paper into a form.  Embossing adds texture and dimension to a design.